FREE S/MIME Certificates


This is not really a “Feature Request”; it’s more like just an FYI. But there is no “FYI” category.

I know the S/MIME topic has be discussed here before, and in depth; But since I feel strongly that encryption should not stop with http, here is a link to a FREE S/MIME certificate provider:

…until the day we can all get our free Let’s Encrypt S/MIME certs…

Full disclosure:
I don’t work for, nor have I ever worked for, anyone who provides any form of certificates.
Nor have I ever been “paid” to promote any free product.
Nor do I have any affiliation with InstantSSL or Comodo.
My “work” here is strictly as a volunteer.


If you like the idea of encrypting email messages
or even just signing them (for repudiation),
then like :heart: the first post.

If you don’t, then please reply with your reason(s).


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