Email Certifikat

I am looking for free email (S/Mine) certificates and I was thinking about LetsEncript.
They offer SSL certificates for domains (homepages).
I also use these certificates for my domains/homepage. So I thought I could possibly also use this for the emails from you. I am satisfied with this certificate, which I could even automate creating and renewing the certificate on my server.

Does LetsEncript also offer this, if yes, where can I find the corresponding instructions?

Hi @sslzertifikat,

Let's Encrypt does not offer this. I think the most detailed existing forum thread on this topic is this one:

I’m sorry LetEncrypt doesn’t worship that.
I am/was with Comodo for the last 3 years, which is called Sectigo since last fall (2018). Now I received an email yesterday from Sectigo that you only offer a free certificate for testing for 30 days and that it has to cost afterwards.

Therefore I am looking for a new certificate issuer who offers such email certificate for free.
Therefore I came to LEtEncrypt, because I made good experience with them for the homepages.
Because all my homepages have such a Web SSL certificate. Now I wanted to equip the email with the same.

Or does someone know a provider, which he can recommend?

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