Forward from non-SSL to SSL url

I own a domain url on GoDaddy. I want to forward to a SSL url but cannot because of current web security. I tried forwarding with masking, but cannot.

SSL can only be attached to a hosted site, but not a domain url, like I have.

Isn't there a workaround to do this?

That's a better question for GoDaddy who can describe how their URL forwarding service works. It sounds like this is what you are asking about.

But, generally, no, URL forwarding only works for HTTP not HTTPS. You need to disable forwarding feature and then set DNS IP address(es) to your own server. That server obtains a cert for that domain name. It can then redirect to a different domain if you wish.


Thanks Mike - I spoke with GoDaddy - they explained that a SSL cert can only be attached to a hosted domain, NOT a domain URL - and I only have a domain URL with GoDaddy and host elsewhere. So I am out of luck - I can however, forward with NO masking - but I cannot WITH MASKING - so am forced to use NO MASKING forwarding. And from a security perspective, it is understandable why.


What's a "domain URL"? And if GoDaddy is not hosting your website, who is?


you can register your domain name with godaddy and they hold - i.e. you pay them annually for your domain name (url). But you can host with anyone you please. you just make adjustments to GoDaddy's nameservers

So basically just a domain registar and domain service provider :slight_smile:

It's good to clarify that, as sometimes providers also provide some kind of URL redirect service, which usually hampers the http-01 challenge.

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Not really. You could easily run URL masking on your own reverse proxy server or even using something like Cloudflare Workers.

What's understandable is that the expense of the registrar deploying such a feature would bring no relevant returns.


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