Firefox and Chrome on android raising issues with SSL


I’ve installed a lets encrypt certificate on a Xenial/Nginx/Passenger box and everything seemed grreat.

However, I’ve now discovered a few problems -

Firefox is reporting ‘not secure’, and ‘This website does not supply ownership information.’

Chrome on Mac desktop does not report any problems, but on an Android tablet reports an issue.

The Qualsys ssl test reports ‘This server’s certificate chain is incomplete’

  • what are my best steps to resolving this? Thanks for any suggestions.

The domain is


In your nginx config the ssl_certificate value should point to the fullchain.pem (which includes the certificate and the chain). Then reload your nginx and test again.


Thanks - I’ll do that :slight_smile:


Brilliant, thank you so much, that seems to have fixed the issue (the qualsys test now passes). Firefox is happy. I need to pop to a store and have a look at another Android tablet.



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