Let's encrypt certificate not working for Andriod's Google Chrome


After configuring my server to use Let’s Encrypt certificate. It working perfectly fine on Google Chrome desktop browser.

But on android google chrome I have getting error.

Any reason why it’s not working?

What does SSL Labs make of your server ?

What kind of server are you running? How did you configure it? Did you read http://letsencrypt.readthedocs.org/en/latest/using.html#where-are-my-certificates ?

Running NginX V 1.8 on RHEL 6.5

How did you configure it? Did you read User Guide The Let’s Encrypt project — letsencrypt latest documentation ?

Please, if you're expecting any help, you really have to give us more to work with...

Use fullchain.pem instead of cert.pem in your nginx conf.

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Yes… Thanks for pointing me this link.

Thanks all of you again for your quick and correct advice and suggestion.

For the benefit of the community, I ran into this same problem, and changed NGINX to use fullchain.pem. Working just fine now – thank you all!

Trevor Sullivan
Microsoft MVP: PowerShell

This solution helped me too. Thanks for that.