Finalize stays in 'processing' state in staging environment

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My domain is:

I ran this command:

It produced this output: The order status is 'ready' and the finalize always returns 'processing'.

BTW, is CAA record mandatory for the sub-domain. It does have a CAA record but I wanted to know if it is mandatory.

CAA is never mandatory. If no CAA record exits in the DNS hierarchy, all CAs are allowed.

Staging currently has asynchronous order processing enabled. You might need to poll the order a few times until it is ready.

If the order stays in processing for multiple minutes, staging may be experiencing temporary issues.


I have been polling both the order and finalize since yesterday. Do I have to keep having the CSR as part of the finalize every time I poll or is there a way to poll finalize without the CSR?

The certificate is not in processing, it's valid and the certificate has been issued:

You call finalize and then poll the order URL.


Thanks! I was able to obtain the certificate. BTW, how did you get the below URL? I don't see it in any of the response payloads nor the directory.

3 Likes get / order /49438248/8664274334



Thanks for your feedback! However, I can't quite follow how you were able to deduce that 'acme' should be replaced by 'get' and 'finalize' should be replaced by 'order'.

I am trying to figure out where this is documented or what response its part of. I am using the documentation below.

The reason I am trying to know this is because there maybe other URLs that I am not aware of but may be useful for the implementation.


It's a great question and one whose answer is best left to _az or similar dev.

But, note that this:

returns the same result as

Right on! I was able to find the below in the documentation.


Docs are one way to learn. Another is to install Certbot and use it to get a cert. It has a very nice log of all the flows. Of course, that's just the good, normal flows. If you are writing a client you need to handle all the odd stuff too.


Yup, I have been using the source code of couple clients to get ahead.

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To answer my own question, the URL below was in the 'Location' response header field. I will keep a watch out for the value in that field for all future requests.

That's I believe just an undocumented "feature" to circumvent the "POST-as-GET" requirements for the /acme/ URLS, making debugging a lot easier.

That's just how the ACME protocol works. You trigger the finalization and after that, the finalize URL isn't useful any longer and you should go back to polling the order. Reading this RFC is unfortunately not very easy IMO. Information is spread out across different places. I believe the protocol could be more condensed, more "syntax" and less words..


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