ACME v2 - Order processing for a long time

I recently ordered for a certificate from acmev2 staging endpoint and have successfully validated all authorizations. The order status changed to processing once I submitted CSR to the ‘finalize’ endpoint. However the status has ever since been ‘processing’ and am still wondering why it is taking so much time.

Order URL :

Is there anything i’m missing ?

Sanjaykumar M

I think you've uncovered a bug in order processing. I'll investigate and respond further.

Do you have any update on this issue ?
The order status is still in ‘processing’ state.


Any update on this issue ?

Hi @m.sanjay94,

My apologies - I lost track of this thread and didn’t reply with updates.

The bug you encountered is being tracked in the Boulder repository as Issue 3403. I have a fix in a pull request but it is presently held up by a separate fix that has been slower than expected going through reviews.

The short answer is the problem is known & understood, there’s a fix in the works, and I’d expect it to be fixed in the staging environment in a week or so.

Thanks for your patience!

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