Failure because of not resolving, without an apparent reason

I’m for and usually we have another guy that contacts you, but he is on vacation.
i’m having trouble issuing a certificate to domain
the error i am getting is: "Can’t obtain certificate: Not resolving to Wix; CNAMEs: []; IPs: []"
this is surprising, because when i run dig command on the domain, i get the Wix CNAME, and the A records are also Wix’s ( i’m not sure where does the IP from the error is arriving from.

can you please try to assist?

hi @idancohen

You will need to contact your guy and get him to give you a bit more information for example what client he uses what challenge he uses

It’s a bit ambitious asking people to help with limited information.


we’re using the go client (lego, AFAIK) and we do SSL challlenge

Hi @idancohen,

Looking at the server logs I don't see any requests to either the staging environment or the production environment for the past 7 days that include this domain. It seems like something internal to Wix or the Lego client are doing a precheck and not actually talking to Let's Encrypt about these domains. I suspect there isn't much that we will be able to do to help you in this case.

You might also want to look at vs. Right now I see the latter pointing at the Wix names that you refer to, while the former is pointing via a chain of CNAMEs at some Amazon ELB IP addresses, which are different from the Wix address. Possibly your software is trying to get a certificate that covers both, but the two forms of the name are currently pointed at different IP addresses, so depending on the validation method that you’re using, the validation might in fact not succeed.

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