Failing to get free certificate from Let's Encrypt - Help!

Hi All,
We just setup a MiCollab server at my Company. The problem is When I select the “Let’s Encrypt: Get free certificate” option. I receive a message: “Problem connecting to server (curl returned with 6)” Does anyone have any idea how I can resolve this?

Hi @addis

That’s not a lot of information to go on. Would you be willing to share the certificate domain name and alternate names you are trying to issue for? Are there any additional logs from MiCollab that might provide additional troubleshooting detail?

Hello @addis,

I don’t use MiCollab and don’t know what is happening but just in case it is useful to you, curl error code 6 means “Couldn’t resolve host” so seems a dns problem.


As well as @cpu’s advice it could be worth thinking about (or if you have a networking team at the Company asking them) whether the MiCollab server will be able to connect to Let’s Encrypt’s services out on the Internet, and then (though it hasn’t got that far by the looks of things) whether Let’s Encrypt’s servers will be able to connect back to your MiCollab server.

I haven’t used MiCollab but from the blurb it sounds like a system most people would have facing the outside world, in which case this shouldn’t be a problem, but of course your Company might intend to use it in a different way, or the fact that it’s new and you’re still setting it up could mean it isn’t yet exposed to the public Internet.

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