Failing lets encrypt in Plesk Windows

Hi community,

i briefly ask for your help. I read many topics but none could help with my issue.

I post my log below an i think it belongs to any mistake in DNS resolution because of the connection try to “” which i couldn’t find in any other posted log.

I’m using plesk for Windows 12.5.30 with Lets Encrypt extension on Windows 2012 R2 vserver with external hosted Domains with own dns pointed to server ip.

Log is some Time older but always the same error,

Thank you for your help.
And sorry for my bad english.

Many Greets LaForge

Is this a very old log file ( from back in March) or is the time stamp wrong on your server ?

if old, I’d suggest updating to the latest version, trying again and provide us with the latest log. There are many things that have changed since March.

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Hi serverco,

first of all thank you for your response.

As i said the log ist old, but the error log is always the same.
And i use the plesk extension which is the newest available version 1.5-1.

Any other suggestions?

Many greets


If you create a file called “test” in your webroot/.well-known/acme-challenge/test with just plain text in it. Can you reach it from an external source ?

I don’t use the Plesk script, from the rest of the log it seems to be OK until the point of checking for that file though.

When I try reaching your site, I get an error of permission denied.

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Hi serverco,

i’m very happy u help me an thank aou for ur patience with me :slight_smile:
works after registering ‘.’ with mime type text/plain
besides test.txt worked without changes

And i put some nonsense index.html in webroot.
There was nothing besides the logfile.txt :slight_smile:

but new log is as always :frowning:

new one:

Greets LaForge

PS: I tried with more domains on same server with the same error.

Are you using this plesk plugin - or a different one ?

Looking at it, and the issue on there -

I suspect it’s because the JSON format of the ACME server changed slightly just over a week ago - and hence that plugin is failing. Although your earlier logs were from before that date, so it may not be. I don’t have a plesk system to test / debug on I’m afraid.

You might have more luck on the letsencrypt-plesk issue tracker with this problem. Based on the stack trace, I think that the error is triggered inside the plesk plugin code (though not necessarily caused by it), as opposed to the client code in general. Either way, the letsencrypt-plesk developers will probably know more about this.

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