Expiry date for domain

Hello guys,

So I’ve been getting emails about expiry date for some time on my emails and every time I renewed certificate just in case. Today I got another one saying its expiring tomorrow. Can you please check if the certificate is indeed expiring and I didn’t renew it in a good way or if your system is having that sort of bug.

Here is output from what I’ve checked, renewed 10 days ago.


Thanks in advance!

The only relevant source is the currently applied certificate itself. If you check your site with that sslshopper tool, you can clearly see "The certificate will expire in 80 days".

Another test is opening your website in a browser (via https) and check the certificate properties. You will see, that the certificate expires 2018-05-27.


Thanks! I didn’t know that I could check even like that!

Good then, Im pretty much safe.

Tho this bug, is it already reported as bug and is being worked on or?

It is most likely not a bug. The reminder is bound to a certificate. If you ever created another certificate with the same domain in it and applied the new one to your site (e.g. by adding a subdomain to the certificate), you will get notices for the first certificate until it expires.

Since you have checked the expiration manually, you may just relax and ignore the expiration notice.


You can also check https://crt.sh to see what certificates you’ve got for your domain and their expiry dates. Looking at https://crt.sh/?q=%donacije.rs it seems the one that’s expiring is the one with only donacije.rs and not www.donacije.rs on it. Since you’re now using the cert with both names on it, it doesn’t matter if the other one expires.

(Which really just confirms what @bytecamp said :slight_smile:)


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