Expiration notices for certificates that don't expire yet

I've got two E-Mails like this today:


Your certificate (or certificates) for the names listed below will expire in 19 days (on 22 Apr 16 16:48 +0000). Please make sure to renew your certificate before then, or visitors to your website will encounter errors. [...]

I already updated the certificate for that hostnames a week ago so that message is not correct.

The other E-Mail I've got said the cert would expire at 15:47. I assume that means the system is sending a message every time a certificate I requested expires, even if I already got a new certificate that supercedes the old one.

I would have expected the system to update the expiration date whenever a new certificate for a domain name gets assigned, so that I would only get a notification if the newest certificate for that domain name expires.

Is there a reason why it doesn't work this way?

As of March 17th, the system won't send any expiration notifications for new certificates if they are renewed in time. You will continue to receive notifications for certificates issued before that date, either until they all expire or until someone gets around to backfilling some of the data used by the expiration mailer to fix this for older certificates too.

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Great, you are already a step ahead :wink: