Expiration Notification

Good day. I received an email notification saying that I need to renew the certificate for our website, www.beyondzero.org.za. I'm not sure what steps to follow, so any guidance will be welcome.
I also need some details regarding the account and its cost implications. I recently took over the role and I have no previous experience with Let's Encrypt. Thanks.


it already renewed at June 30th, and your site it using that so you don't need to do anything. and safely ignore more email about tham.
you expended certificate to cover more domains (like cpanel or mail subdomain) at the last reneal cycle, which as LE considers renewal as exert set of domains, it sent renewal mail for that.



sorry for just posting in this thread, but.
i have received this as well and it has me a little unsettled as i have never received this before. i have had a little trouble just creating it:

Can I also ignore the mail or is there something to do from my side?

@Fraggle Please don't hijack other persons threads. Please see the documentation linked in the expiration email, especially the "When You Get an Expiration Email" part and use the linked certificate transparency log monitor there to see a certificate history for your domain. Hint: your certificate history seems to be very erratic and doesn't look like it's properly automated.


Thank you so much.


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