Expiration Emails (Too Many, Unnecessary, etc.)

[Update March 17 2016: Email is better now. See below]

If you provide an email address to Let’s Encrypt when you create your account, we’ll send you expiry notices when your certificate is coming up for renewal.

Our intention is to get this into a system whereby you won’t receive a notice in most cases - it would be timed to be conditionally sent after your automated system should have renewed, so that it’s an exceptional case to receive one of these notices.

Let’s Encrypt’s “Expiration Mailer” is still a work in progress, and as of January it sends you emails even if you already renewed.

Work is ongoing. We decided it was better to be a bit too verbose right now than it was to risk our first private beta testers missing a certificate expiring.

As of today, these are the open tickets to improve the Expiration Mailer:

Thanks again for understanding as we keep making things smoother!


The email body has a link to unsubscribe from future notices. If you hit that link, you won’t get any future expiration notices. The list of “who’s unsubscribed” is independent for Staging notices and Production notices, so you can feel free to unsubscribe from Staging.

There’s not yet a way for us to efficiently re-subscribe you if you unsubscribe. Our email provider, Mandrill, has a manual mechanism that we still need to automate.


Update: As of today’s Boulder release we have shipped fixes to each of the linked issues here. If you receive a renewal email that you think you shouldn’t have, check the date. If it’s after March 17, 2016 6:32PM UTC, start a thread describing the details and we’ll take a look. Thanks for your patience!