ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE on https with permalink or query string

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I always get the ERR-EMPTY RESPONSE on url that has either query string or after the file added a permalink.

I need to send extra data=token to reset password via email and I do not want the user adds it manually.
The site works perfect without query string or permalink, but when I try to submit data there is no green lock anymore and I tried it in FF and Chrome.

Please help. Thanks!

Hi @legrega,

The empty response is probably a backend web application error (where the web application fails to return content for the web server to serve as a reply, perhaps due to crashing). It’s not likely to be a cryptographic error with your certificates. I’d suggest looking at your web server error logs to see if an error is identified there.

It worked before I had ssl, and it does work if I do not submit a query string or permalink in url or I do not use https … I have no clue what can be wrong.

Do you have some web server error logs where errors from the application might appear?

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