Secure Connection Failed - Connection Reset when loading page

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Since this morning, April, 06th, we got problems regarding our SSL certificates. Apparently, the certificates got renewed successfully, however, for a few URL redirections the website doesn’t respond.

For example: and open just fine. As well as second levels URLs such as:

However, specifically the one bellow, which is assigned after a URL redirection, the website stops to respond and the user gets unable to log into the system.

I’ve tried to renew the certificates a couple of times (i.e. not more than 5 because of the renewal constraint). I did even re-installed NGINX, wondering if there was any issue related to the proxy-server being unable to handle the renewed the certificates. All the attempts were unsuccessful. I still get the screen pasted below within the following error message.

Secure Connection Failed

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

How could I confirm that SSL certificates are valid and properly assigned? Is there anything that is handle in the backend of letsEncrypt servers to validate SSL certificates?

They seem to be working fine, based on and However, it breaks in a few URL redirections, once in a while, as I showed you. Furthermore, I’ve tested the navigation, using two cellphones: an iPhone and Android, plus, 2 notebooks, a Machintosh (IOS) and a PC (running linux). I’ve tested in different browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Safari).

Thus, I’m sort of blind about what is going on. Please, help!!

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It seems the answer has been registered in another thread, After a little time researching, I found:

Umm hey, I solved it by myself, apparently it has problems with CNAME records, i had to use A records instead

Now, I'm going to wait for routers to replicate the amends I've done in the domain configuration. I hope it solves the problem.

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