End-user certificate expiration problems

Hello... I am not an Engineer. I own my own business. I access various applications,, some which I am not able to access because the root certificate on my laptop expired.. Can anyone tell me who I need to contact to fix this? I don't have my own IT team... I'm lost on who would fix this for me. Who do I call? I only found out about this community by searching Google. But the reality is, I'm an "end-user". I have a Mac and the latest version of Chrome on it. I did confirm that the root certificate expired. Thank you for advice and help!


Reboot your mac and if the issue persists, temporarily use the Firefox browser instead (you will need to download it).

You may be able to install this file: https://letsencrypt.org/certs/isrgrootx1.der

Drag it into the Keychain Access app and see if you can install it.

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