Enabling the secure lock icon beside URL once setup



Enabled Lets encrypt for a domain www.cryptonix.co.uk, it’s been over 12 hours since activating

Works perfectly if manually entering https, otherwise unable to see the secure padlock icon beside a Url. In an attempt to remove any mixed content causing conflict the website was republished however results are the same.

Upon typing the url where directed to the Http version right away. is their something i’m missing? hopefully you can advise on what to do next please…sure it’s nothing to worry about however can’t put my finger on what’s causing it…

In the process of getting in touch with Hosting providers to forward users to Https by forcing via Hta Access file. Just curious if this is the right way to do it…

thanks, look forward to hearing from you



That’s fine… However, if you have a CMS system, you should also change the site address from http to https over there.

Result from whynopadlock.com : https://www.whynopadlock.com/results/4b30cbe1-7321-4c3f-8f6f-c8debaa0f710

P.S. the site is fine… just do an 301 from http to https…

Thank you


ok will do, thanks for clearing out


There are two different questions there:

  • How do users automatically get on the HTTPS version of the site, even if they don’t type in “https://” or follow a link that contains “https://”?

  • When a user is on the HTTPS version of the site, will the browser show a padlock?

The first question is about redirects (or sometimes about HSTS), which can be set up with the .htaccess or other web server configuration, or sometimes in a CMS like @stevenzhu suggested. The redirect message is sent by the web server and tells a browser that requested an HTTP page that it should load the corresponding HTTPS page inside.

The second question is about certificate validity, mixed content, etc. and can be diagnosed with a tool like https://whynopadlock.com/ or the web developer tools inside your browser.


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