Help Needed with getting the lock to show up

My Hosting Company added Let’s Encrypt to all of my sites when I go to it doesn’t show the lock up. I am on a shared server and any help would be apprecated.

Hi @LittleAngell53,

You should check with

This problem will be due to internal links and references within your site’s content that load files (like images, Javascript, or CSS) over HTTP instead of HTTPS. (This problem is called “mixed content”.)

So how do I fix this as I am using a .htacess file to redirect to the https:// version

the problem is not with the content on your site but rather and external site

you need update the HTML code

for example:

http ://

should become:

https ://

i have to add a break to demonstrate the point support https calls (photo above served over https:://

Right thank you I am in the middle of updating my site so I will update the links.

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