Domain on multiple IP

I’ve a website with specific domain name. This website is hosted on 2 servers, with different ip address. I use version v2.8.6, it’s possible to get and renew certificates on both servers? How?


Hi @fabioferrero

is there a master and a slave? So you update one server, the files are copied to the other server?

If yes, use the master to create a certificate.

If not, perhaps add a new subdomain (with only one ip address), then redirects http + /.well-known/acme-challenge/random-filename to http + subdomain/.well-known/acme-challenge/random-filename, then run the client on that subdomain.

Checking your domain Letsencrypt follows such redirects (to other domain names, port 80 or 443).

Or switch to dns validation, then you don’t need a validation file. But that requires a DNS TXT entry.

No, are both “master”. I haven’t understand the trick of subdomain.

I’ve read about dns validation but I think I can’t automate it. I need to check if my dns provider supports api.

I’ve also see that some clients, like getssl support copy of ssl to another server, probably I could use getssl client to resolve this.

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