Domain Limit has reached while registering

Hey Let’s Encrypt Community,

i tried to register my domain ****** for an 3 month free SSL Certificate through my Synology NAS 6.0 and got an error while registering.

The error message is, that the domain limit has reached.

Could you reset my limit, so i can register my domain again
for SSL Certificate?

Can i register it for more than three month also?

Thank you


This is because there have been too many certificates issued for already.

Ideally I'd suggest obtaining your own domain name. If you want one for free, I'd suggest looking at

Can i register it for more than three month also?

Each certificate is only valid for 90 days, but you can renew it automatically.

Hmmm…thank you for your fast reply.
I registered **** before i tried **** and this works fine, the thing is, that i payed already for my selfhost domain and i don’t want to register a new one because i have do a lot of change in my system if i got a new domain :frowning:
And the second thing is, that the selfhost domain is a dynamic dns service also

The challenge is - you don’t own the domain for, so you have no control over the hundreds of other people who also obtain certificates under that domain name. is at least registered with the which means that each subdomain is at least seperated out - hence you could obtain a cert for a account. isn’t.

You can apply a dynamic dns service to a normal domain name - it doesn’t need to be a “ddns” or “selfhost” domain.


thank you for your help.
So i could create for example a subdomain like and edit the CNAME with the
My subdomain got an StarterSSL by Norton.

Would this work?

Thank you


without knowing anything about, if you own it, how many other certificates are issued for it … I can’t say.

What is best depends on what you use for.

Is this mainly a personal domain for you ( maybe access to your home server, or a system only you and a few others are likely to use, like your own owncloud ) ? If so, I’d just get a domain for that. Or do you have a domain that you control, that you could use a subdomain from ?

If it’s something a lot of other people use - it depends how well and if you mind changing the domain name. Since you are using a subdomain of someone else’s I assume it wouldn’t be too much of an issue to move to a new domain, but I don’t know.

If I give you an example of mine, it may be easier. I own the domain but I want to have a URL (with cert) for my home, so I use as the URL, with DNS through cloudflare, and then use the ddns option on cloudflare to update the A record IP address whenever it changes.

I have also ( to test) obtained a free domain name ( from ), cloudflare DNS ( I’ve also tested with, which also offers free DNS and ddns API … there are many others to ) … to update the A record to my IP address as it changes.

Both of the above methods mean I have control over the domain name and DNS - so there is no issue with obtaining certs.

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