Do you have a Whmcs application certificate plug-in?

I am an IDC distributor, using WHMCS system. Now I want to provide free and powerful Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate for customers. I come from China, but I can’t find it on the Internet. Do you make plug-ins? Can you give a little brother?

Let’s Encrypt currently doesn’t make any plugins, although there are some community members here who have done so.

I’ve never heard of WHMCS but it seems to be related to cPanel? cPanel has a feature called AutoSSL, which supports Let’s Encrypt. Maybe that would work?

I think @_az will be able to answer this.

Short version:
No, there’s no such plugin exist (as far as I know) and it’s also not that easy to request and issue Let’s Encrypt certificates in an environment that aren’t your webserver or your DNS provider. (Compare to Sectigo, Digicert or Globalsign)

Long, complex version:
WHMCS is a web billing/support/management system, I guess the OP is trying to ask if he could provision Let’s Encrypt certificates like the way he could do with Comodo(Sectigo) / Digicert or any other certificate provider that have plugins in the WHMCS repository.

Unfortunately, there’s no such plugin (from WHMCS repository or open search on Google), since Let’s Encrypt certificates have a way shorter duration (90 days) than other commercial certificates provider (1 year+), it might not be that useful to provide certificate validation and download in WHMCS, which will cause as much issue as you could imagine (since there’s no email validation, and customers need to place a validation file or DNS record every 60-90 days as WHMCS doesn’t automatically manage your DNS records). You should try to use plugins on existing server control panel softwares or suggest customers to use websites such as sslforfree or

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I agree, there’s pretty much no scenarios where it would make sense to integrate Let’s Encrypt as a product in WHMCS.

Previously we developed (by request) a WHMCS hook which provisioned Let’s Encrypt certificates immediately after a cPanel account was provisioned … but such a connection is now largely obsoleted by AutoSSL.


thank you, I know now

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