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I have a synology server that I want to use for regular backup of my website. The backup plugin doesn’t allow backups to local servers only online via ftp etc.

I wont have a web site on the server only backups but because the server only has a self certificate for ssl this is causing connection problems because google doesn’t rate self certified certificates as being secure and the plugin will only allow connections to secure sites.

I want a Let’s encrypt certificate but I cant seem to get one without a domain name.

Can someone please let me know the best way to deal with this?

Thank you

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Hi @john53,

You definitely will need a domain name in order to use Let’s Encrypt, but you might be able to get a name through Synology automatically as a subdomain of, which is one thing that a lot of users have done; could you check with Synology’s support or documentation about that possibility?



Thank you very much for your advice.

That sounds like a good solution. I will get in touch with synology as you suggest.

Best regards



I now have a domain from synology and I have created an ssl certificate with you for the domain.

I get a “not secure” message on my local ip address.

Can you please help me to make the local ip and outside ip addresses both secure with certificates?

I’m not very good at this so I would appreciate detailed instructions please.

Thank you very much.

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A certificate will always only valid for the hostnames for which the certificate was issued. As Let’s Encrypt doesn’t offer certificates for IP addresses, but only valid hostnames, you cannot use the IP address as the address in your browser. You’ll need to surf to the hostname for which the certificate was specified.


Hi @john53

what’s your domain name?



Thank you very much for offering to help but I already created an ssl certificate for my domain.

I am using the server to backup my website files and it works fine.

When I log into my server on my home network and the synology home screen opens I get the “Not secure” with https crossed out in the address field at the top of the page.

Is this normal or have I done something wrong?

Thanks again.

Best regards


It is normal if you do the wrong things. So please share your domain name.


How do you log into your server? With the local IP address? Or the hostname?


With the local ip address.


I guess you’ve missed my previous post explaining why that doesn’t work


So getting the “not secure” message is normal when i log in with my local ip address?


I wouldn’t say “normal” is the right word when addressing “not secured” messages, but it is expected, yes.

Why wouldn’t you just use the hostname provided by Synology and for which the certificate was issued internally too?


That’s great. Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards


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