DNS problem when moving hosting

I’m trying to run AutoSSL for a domain name that has been recently moved to another hosting company. THe dns change is propagated, but AutoSSL says:

DNS DCV: The DNS query to “_cpanel-dcv-test-record.mydomain” for the DCV challenge returned no “TXT” record that matches the value “_cpanel-dcv-test-record=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”.; HTTP DCV: The system queried for a temporary file at “http://mydomain/.well-known/acme-challenge/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”, which was redirected from “http://mydomain/.well-known/acme-challenge/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”. The web server responded with the following error: 404 (Not Found). A DNS (Domain Name System) or web server misconfiguration may exist. The domain “mydomain” resolved to an IP address “xxxxxxxxxxxx” that does not exist on this server.

The ip is the one of the OLD server. And AutoSSL says " *An error occurred the last time AutoSSL ran, on 5 de septiembre de 2019" (yesterday), but the button is rotating and I can’t press it.

Any way of flushing dns cache that LE uses? Thanks in advance.

Let's Encrypt isn't involved here. AutoSSL is doing a local preflight test to see whether a request would succeed.

The problem is the view of DNS that the cPanel server is using - look for solutions there.

If AutoSSL is stuck, contact the host.

Thank you. I have contacted hosting and they have solved it.

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