Different approaches creating wildcart in docs for rhel6/rhel7/rhel8

I see in docs use different approaches for getting wildcard cert:
For centos6/rhel6-nginx - Follow Docker instructions.
For centosrhel7-nginx - manual (if DNS provider doesn’t support certbot).
For centosrhel8-nginx - again follow docker instructions.

It’s just inconsistent docs here? Or the versions have big changes, which require different approaches?
If it just inconsistency which one is preferred?

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IMO, the preferred way to deal with DNS validation (and, really, most use of Let's Encrypt for any purpose) is to not use certbot at all, but rather use a client with extensive built-in DNS API support like acme.sh:


Hi @GraDea

manual is never preferred. But if the dns provider doesn't support an API, only manual is possible.


I think @GraDea question really is: why don't the docs recommend Docker for centosrhel7-nginx?

By the way, if your DNS provider doesn't have an API supported by certbot, using Docker won't help you at all.


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