Deploy hooks being triggered even if they don't correspond to the domain being renewed


So, I have a few shell scripts like the one I've made and pasted here: Automatically manage certificates - #10 by Exterminador with the corresponding changes for each domain/subdomain, inside /etc/letsencrypt/renewal-hooks/deploy/.

Unfortunately, every time I manually renew a certificate (for testing purposes) for a specific domain, it seems that all the scripts there are executed at the same time. I have some printf lines in each script and I see them all being outputted after a renewal.


Renewing an existing certificate for
Hook 'deploy-hook' ran with output:
 ZNC certificate and key renewed
Hook 'deploy-hook' ran with output:
 PyLink certificate and key updated
Hook 'deploy-hook' ran with output:
 SSLCertFile and SSLKeyFile updated successfully!

Successfully received certificate.
Certificate is saved at: /etc/letsencrypt/live/
Key is saved at:         /etc/letsencrypt/live/
This certificate expires on 2023-05-10.
These files will be updated when the certificate renews.
Certbot has set up a scheduled task to automatically renew this certificate in the background.

Deploying certificate
Successfully deployed certificate for to /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/znc-le-ssl.conf
Your existing certificate has been successfully renewed, and the new certificate has been installed.

As you can see, only the lines with:

Hook 'deploy-hook' ran with output:
 ZNC certificate and key renewed

should be displayed, but I still got the printf lines from all the other scripts.

I'm probably missing something on my scripts, but I really can't figure it out.

Any help/ideas are greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Exterminador.

Some things you could add to help us help you better:

  1. What version of certbot are you using?
  2. What are the contents of the [related] renewal.conf file(s)?
  3. What are the contents of the cli.ini file?

Yes, hooks in that folder will all run. If you want to run a hook only with certain certificates you should specify the deploy hook on the command line So it is placed in the renewal config file for that domain


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