Dependency problem with CERTBOT and selfbuilded NGINX (1.15.2)

Hello together,

First of all my server informations:

SERVER-OS: Debian (Stretch) Minimal
WEBSERVER: NGINX 1.15.2 (Mainline) Build from source

I have the following problem:

I builded NGINX from source and now wanted to install the packages “certbot” and “python-certbot-nginx” to provide an easy install for my certificates. But when I want to install “python-certbot-nginx” my Server wants to install an older version of “nginx, nginx-common and nginx-full” from the repo. How can I use certbot with my selfbuilded nginx?

If you need more information or something is not clear to you feel free to ask. I do my best to answer all.


A couple of approaches:

  1. Use certbot-auto which is distro/package manager independent, and supports nginx without depending on it.
  2. Build nginx not using upstream tarball, but using the source .debs with apt-get source and dpkg-buildpackage. Plenty of guides on Google for this. That way, nginx is still present in your package manager and Certbot’s package dependencies are satisfied. This is the approach I took when building nginx with TLS 1.3/BoringSSL.
  3. You could trick the package manager with equivs, maybe, or apt might have a flag to ignore a certain dependency (but it seems unclean).

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

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