Certbot versus certbot-auto (nginx / Debian Stretch)

My websites are currently hosted on a Debian Wheezy server running nginx. Wheezy is approaching EOL (2018-05-31), so I am migrating them to a Debian Stretch server.

Because Debian Wheezy does not have a package for Certbot, I used certbot-auto (with the nginx plugin) to generate and manage my certificates.

Debian Stretch does have a Certbot package, but it is an old version (0.10) and the corresponding version of the nginx plugin is unsupported (the current Certbot documentation for nginx on Stretch directs you to use the webroot plugin or the standalone webserver). Certbot 0.19 and the corresponding version of the nginx plugin is available through backports, however. For 0.19, the nginx plugin is officially supported, correct?

I’d like to continue to use the nginx plugin for issuing certificates like I have been doing with certbot-auto on Wheezy.

Is there any reason why I should not install and use certbot-auto on Stretch, versus the Certbot 0.19 from backports?

This may be an oversight. The python-certbot-nginx package is available in stretch and even if you choose Debian Unstable in the documentation it suggests that the nginx plugin is unavailable.

Nope. If you’re happy with certbot-auto you can continue to use it no problem.

To cover all bases, you might want to uninstall the certbot 0.10
(even before installing certbot-auto)

Out with the old & in with the new!

It’s a fresh minimal install of Debian Stretch, and certbot of any version of kind is not yet installed (was waiting on a reply to my question before doing so).

Hmm…that does seem strange.

Alright then, thanks!

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