CTRL F hijacking

There’s already a thread about CTRL F hijacking but it’s old and I cannot reply to it. I’ve also read the thread linking to Discourse, they say that it’s only for threads with over 20 replies or something…

The result is that CTRL F does not work as expected, browser functionality is broken. Is there an option in your instance of Discourse to disable hijacking browser shortcuts ? Is there anything a user can do ? I use “CTRL F” all the time (“all day long”), to search within the current web page, searching manually feels like 1982.

Thanks for any possible solution and/or your time.
: ]

I have sometimes been frustrated by this too, but I learned that as a workaround you can press Ctrl-F twice and that will let you use your browser’s ordinary search feature on the page.


Thanks. That seems to work indeed. : ]

Websites taking over usual shortcuts is counter productive, IMHO this should be considered a bug with Discourse. If anything, CTRL F twice should search within the parts of the current thread that have not been loaded and not within the whole website.

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