Csf & directadmin ssl renew problem

I use directadmin and csf.
While CSF is active, SSL is not renewed. I’m getting an error.
If I close the csf, the processes complete without any problems.

error message:
Waiting for domain verification…
Let’s Encrypt was unable to verify the challenge. Unable to update challenge :: authorization must be pending. Exiting…

Did you allow port 80 in?

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Yes, it is open. I have been using it for years, but it has been error for the last 2 weeks.

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Can you confirm access to port 80:
with CSF on?
with CSF off?

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yes 80 port open. All websites are accessible. With or without www.

You must be missing something or CSF is actually breaking something.

Using the name above, I can’t access HTTP nor HTTPS.
You must have some sort of GeoLocation blocking in place.

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