Creation or renewal of certificate for domains with already valid certificate

Hi everyone,

I have only been involved in creating and renewing certificates for different domains for a month, so I would definitely say with very little experience in this regard.
The situation I would like to understand is this: there is a classic nginx that is operational and works well as a reverse proxy for different domains, redirected to internal machines and with certificates already created and valid with the various .confs. However, I have to replace this "classic nginx" with nginx proxy manager (I'm working with docker containers) and therefore I was trying to create certificates from the npm dashboard, hence the doubts. With new domains it creates the certificate, but if I try to create a certificate for domains that already have a valid certificate, it fails.

So is this the problem? Is it not possible to create certificates for domains with an already valid certificate but is it only possible to renew them? I ask for confirmation because I would not like to find myself with problems in the migration phase or a subsequent malfunction.

Thanks and have a good day everyone

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I haven't included domain references because it seems to me that I have a general problem in understanding how Let's Encrypt works.



Nginx Proxy Manager (NPM) is the problem.

The experience with NPM on this Community is quite terrible: it does not offer great (or any) support for their certificate integration. The logging is bad. Fixing something is almost impossible with the sparse details we have/get.

That's very much possible, no technical issues with that.


Hi Osiris,

thank you very much, I'll try to understand what details to add to try to resolve.

Thank you and good day


You also might have more success with your issue at NPM specific support channels. They will, hopefully, know better about the internal workings of NPM and therefore might provide better support.


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