Creation of a certificate for a mitel service


Hello with the present I ask you how I can activate a certificate for a product mitel
In the product mitel I have a part where I ask for the certificate but after about 1 minute I get an error
I would like to understand if it is a connection problem or else in this case I am attaching the request to understand how to receive the files to be included in the sw for the management of the certificate I need

I have to certify
is server linux

Waiting for your welcome reply I offer you my best regards and I wish you a good job

I await info is quite urgent

if you want I can give you the CSR that generates me the machine the product is mitel and it should be done automatically
you can help me out of courtesy it’s really urgent

n these days and last week I tried several times to do the procedure automatically but always with a negative result, I think the request has also arrived because then I found myself stuck for too many attempts you can check? and if possible can you give me the file to upload them autonomously?
can I somehow send you the CSR?
I’m really stuck with some services I kindly ask you for a quick reply
thanks again and good work to all of you



Hello. I’m closing this topic so that we don’t accidentally start two conversations.