Creating certificate with a one year expiration


I am new to Let’s Encrypt, I have just created my first two certificates, and saw that it is only a 90 days until it expires. Is there anyway to make it 6 months or a year until expiration?

The certificates I am generating need to be placed into our server side image in AWS, on our client software, and then upload to AWS cert manager. Doing this manually every 90 days across multiple environments would be very time consuming.

Is there an easier way to do what I mentioned above?

Hi @CompactRaptor,

Let's Encrypt only issues certificates with a 90 day validity. There's no way to request shorter or longer certificates.

Indeed :frowning: Let's Encrypt is best paired with automation. I'm not sure if there is an easy way to automate uploading a certificate to AWS cert-manager (perhaps someone with more AWS experience would know).

Have you looked into letting AWS cert manager issue certificates from Amazon's CA for you instead of using Let's Encrypt? That might be a more frictionless experience for you.

We have looked into it, but the problem is you are unable to download the cert from AWS. Hence I am unable to put it in my application.

I thought the general practice was to have AWS’s load balancers terminate TLS for your application. In that situation your application wouldn’t need the certificate/private key itself. I guess that doesn’t match up with your application’s environment?

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