Avoid Renewal once a month

we like to have the certificates issued for longer than 1 month or Auto Renewed.

Whats your policy and how do you have a script that we can run on Ubuntu / aws configuration.

We have many sites and this is causing a problem for us.



This is not a Issuance Policy question. So I have moved this to the help section.

LetsEncrypt certificates are valid for 3 months and there are plenty of articles on google on how to configure auto renewals.

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You should also review the article below around the 90 days validity period.


@whassan, as @ahaw021 says, the certificates are valid for 90 days, not 30 days.

Lots of people are successfully using autorenewal in various forms. What kind of ACME client are you using to obtain your certificates? Are you using Certbot?

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