Create Let's Encrypt certificate in local area


so I need trusted SSL certificate for my Bitwarden self-hosted server on my home network. Problem is that I don't have public IP (and I don't want because of security) from ISP, so my devices aren't seen from Internet. So I wonder how can I create trusted SSL certificate for my server located on my home network, because for that I need domain and IP of that server should be "seen" from Internet.

I have Pi Hole running, so I have my own DNS server, so I can set domain name for that server in my network for example like bitwarden.home, but how do I get trusted SSL certificate for bitwarden.home if Let's Encrypt cannot verify that bitwarden.home belongs to me?

Thank you very much, I'm frustrated about it.

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You can't, unless your domain name is publicly available somehow.


As Osiris noted, you can't from Let's Encrypt without at least your domain name in the public DNS.

But, can't you just create a self-signed cert? Then just add that to your clients on your private network?

Or, there are other more advanced options for getting certs for purely private networks. One option is smallstep CA. I have no personal experience but it's been mentioned on this forum before


I will check it, main problem is that I cannot use Bitwarden desktop application (browser extensions works), because when I try to log in using Bitwarden desktop application I get error like:

which is happening because my self signed cert is not trusted.

But you should be able to make your self-signed certificate trusted somehow, for your local PC that is.


Try reviewing this topic's Self-Signed Certs section


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