Error during setup lets encrypt in localhost server


I am trying to configure my local server with your great library. The server have a custom domain name like (server1) and i have changed my hosts to understand this fake domain. Is it possible to configure my server with your library ? Here is the error message:

The request message was malformed :: Error creating new authz :: Name does not end in a public suffix

You need a real domain name to use a publicly signed certificate.
Not an IP address.
Not a “.local” type domain.
Not a simple name (like: “server1” or “email2”)
only a true FQDN that resolves via global DNS to the IP of that system will work.
Anything else will have to be self-signed.
(a selfie!)

Okay great, thank you. So if i need to use your plugin i must have my server only in the internet ?

not mine - I’m just another community member
like you

but to answer your question:
(yes) all certificates signed by all public CAs have those same restrictions.

I am sorry. Ok great thank you very much.

If you’re going to access your server only from your own devices, you can use a self-signed certificate. You will have to tell each device once that that certificate should be regarded as valid, and then each device should be able to remember that choice.

Among many other ways to create self-signed certificates, there is an in-browser generator for them as one of the tools at

This is almost true, although some other publicly-trusted CAs are willing to issue certificates for IP address, which Let’s Encrypt is not willing to do.

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