Offline Server using Window server 2012 r2

How to implement lets encrypt in a local area thank you…

Do you have a public domain name?

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i don’t have just local domain its a private server running locally

Let’s Encrypt is not appropriate for your application, because it’s only allowed to issue certificates for domain names that you’ve registered, not for private or internal names. You can instead use a self-signed certificate or run your own CA. If you want to have publicly trusted certificates, you’ll need to register a domain name first (this is true for every certificate authority that issues publicly trusted certificates).

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Thank you for your assistance and immediate response.
do you have any suggestion where can i study about self sign certificate :slight_smile: or any link regarding CA

I would suggest doing a web search for “self-signed certificate” to learn more about them.

The site which is popular for creating Let’s Encrypt certificate (if you have a domain name!) also has a browser-based tool for creating a self-signed certificate.

The self-signed certificate generates a security warning when you first browse to a site that presents it, but you can then tell each browser that the self-signed certificate is acceptable and then the warning won’t appear in the future.

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