Create certificate for a subdomain not on current server


Ive read about manual installation, allthoguh im a bit confused how to proceeed.
I installed my domain and its subdomains just fine on my webserver, all dandy!

But i have a subdomain located on a vps, is it possible for me to generate a cert for that subdomain and copy it, setting up the apache conf myself on the vps?

A bit new to the certificate generation thing aswell, im running the le-renew script from , i noticed that i only can pass in my root domain as a argument, not my subdomains, are they also being updated then, and how does that work if i have a certificate on my vps?

As long as the VPS can serve the challenge files you can use certonly mode to get a separate cert for manual installation.

For the renew script if they’re on the same cert it’ll renew them all, if they’re separate then the subdomain becomes the root domain of that cert. Alternatively the client’s renew mode will be able to cover both cases.

Yep, i just went for it and installed them by themself with the client on my vps.

Ah cool, then i know that my subdomains on my local server will be updated when the root domain is updated.