Install after renewal

When I renew a certificate (or even if I simply recreate a new certificate for a domain with an existing LE cert) when the current one is about to expire, I still have perform the steps to install the “renewed” certificate on my server, correct? That is, I assume the renew process will simply create a new “crt” file on my server where directed, and my app must then follow the required steps to install that new certificate on the server for the proper website account, right?


Without additional information, it’s impossible to say for certain.

Typically, if your webserver (apache / nginx / other) either points to the /etc/letsencrypt/domain/live/certs certificate files, or there are symlinks to there, then you would just need to reload your webserver (apache / nginx / other) for it to work.

If you provide detailed information about your OS, webserver. control panel if used etc. we’d be able to give you a more definitive answer.

Thanks. It’s an apache webserver running CentOS 7, but when I’m currently specifying the webroot path for creation of key/cert files to a local directory within the account itself. After certbot, I can see the live/[] directory with symlinks under the specific account. Under my server’s root /etc/letsencrypt directory, I only have accounts and renewal directories; no live directory. I assume that’s because I specify it under the local account as the webroot when running certbot.

yes, that’s because you are running it under a specific account. If you were running it under root, then the files would be in /etc/letsencrypt/domain…

Is there a reason you are running it under individual accounts ?

in the apache config, where does it point to for the cert location for that domain ? if it’s to the live/[]/ files within your account then you will only need to reload apache when you have a new cert. If you copied the files to somewhere else ( because you have a control panel of some type ) then you will need to either copy the files every time or, create a symlink in the location where the control panel places them, to the relevant file in your live/[]/ folder.

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