Create a Let's Encrypt certificate for a local web domain with Apache

Hello everyone.

I would like to create a HTTPS certificate for a local web domain, which isn’t on Internet. I have to deliver a classwork with Apache2 and it would be great if I can obtain a signied certificated.

I’ve tried to obtain it by my own, but I failed.

Thank you very much!

You can only obtain certificates for fully qualified domain names.

If you have a proper domain name that you could use, you can potentially set the DNS so that it’s correct for your “local” version of the website, if that will work.

You might have a look at as certbot wiki suggests to obtain a free domain name to play with and create appropriate certificate for it.

Thank you very much for the replies!

By the way, if it’s just for testing or internal purposes, then you might be better off with self-signed certificates (they are easy to create - on you can generate one in one click now). You won’t even need a domain name - you can use an IP address (v4 and v6 both would work). That would also help to avoid “polluting” LE live server with accounts which are effectively only needed for tests :slight_smile: