Can I test Let's Encrypt Client on LocalHost?

I’m doing a research and I want to run Let’s Encrypt Client in LocalHost. Is it possible?

You can’t get a certificate for localhost; the certificate authority is only able to issue certificates for publicly-visible, globally-unique domain names. localhost doesn’t count, and the certificate authority isn’t allowed to issue certs for it.


What do you mean “run the client in localhost”? Do you mean you want to obtain an SSL certificate for “localhost”?

You can only obtain certificates for (internet accessible) fully qualified domain names. You can’t get certificates for IP addresses or local (LAN) addresses. Let’s Encrypt needs to verify that you actually have control of a domain (hence “internet accessible”) before it will issue the certificate.

If that’s not what you meant, please provide a bit more context and information :slight_smile:

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However, if you do have your own domain name, you can get a cert for that name and then change the DNS records so that the name points at In that case, you can then access services on your local computer and your browser can accept the certificate you got for the appropriate name.


If you want to test LE, why not create a test.domain.tld subdomain?

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