Install Certbot on local host (Apache Server)


Hello Guys,

I want to install Certbot on local host( Apache Server) and while installing system gives me error : “The server could not connect to the client to verify the domain :: DNS problem”. Can we use Certbot on local server?.
I am using linux opensuse.


Trouble setting up Apache2 with CertBot

It depends exactly what you want to do ( and what you mean by “local host” )

You can only obtain a certificate for a domain name that you own / control. so if it’s “” and you own “” then yes you can obtain a certificate, even if “” is in your local network and not accessible to everyone ( you would need to use the dns challenge if the full URL isn’t reachable from the general internet though)

If you want to obtain a certificate for “myserver.local” where that isn’t a real FQDN and hence you don’t really own that domain - then no you can’t.


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