Count "Certificates per week" Rate Limit

How to count rate limit for Certificates per week if I create a certificate which contains multiple hostnames from different domains?

E.g. in the SAN list, I have,, etc.

Is the Certificates per week rate limit counted only for the domain listed as commonName (e.g. +1) or all domains (e.g. +1, +1) ?

All domains, exactly like that.

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So I cannot create ONE certificate that contains hostnames from more than 50 domains, correct?

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Yes, you can.

Let’s Encrypt currently allows certificates to contain 1 - 100 names. They can be a part of 1 - 100 separate domains.

If you issue a certificate for:

It’s counted as 1 certificate for and 1 certificate for


Sorry. I wasn’t clear enough.

I mean more than 50 “different” domains in the SAN list.
E.g.,, …, .

Is that possible?

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Hi @sam_lee

yes, that's possible.

That's one certificate.

You can create max. 5 identical certificates per week (same set of domain names).

Max. 50 certificates per domain per week.

One certificate can have max. 100 domain names.

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