Copying SSL cert of domain after transfer to a new server


We moved a domain to a new server. We currently cannot renew the SSL certificate through Virtualmin due to a "Failed validation limit". The point is that the operator tried too many times BEFORE the new IP address was propagated! How long must we wait to be able to renew?

Moreover, as we copied all files from the old to the new server (at leats those that were in the domain directories) , we could suppose that certificate would work... What must we do for it works?

Thank you!

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Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt (

Likely: One hour.

Ensure everything was copied exactly as it was on the original server.


Thanks for the reply, it is ok now we could renew.

About copying, we did it exactly and it didn't work. Maybe an IP problem, as the domain is on a new one?

I'm glad that you got it to renew :slight_smile:

Did the symlinks copy as symlinks?


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