Certificates on two servers - renewal

General question:
I have two servers, one with Ubuntu, which created and renews the certificates, the second a Windows machine where the certificates are copied over and set up.

When certificates are renewed, do the cert files need to be copied over to the second server again?

This is for cross-domain authentication, eg. user data is sent/received from domain1 on server1 to domain2 on server2.
I am currently getting a browser error for invalid certificates, even though they were recently renewed.

Hi @Fyod

yes, you have to copy the cert files again. Or write a script.

This is a special setting, so you need additional actions.


The term "renew" is sometimes misconstrued to imply that the same thing can continue to be used.
In the case of certificates, renew literally means "get a new one".
Which is a must as each cert has a life time - it has a start date and an end date (90 days long).
So, there is no way to continue using the same cert after it has expired.

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