Connection Refused when trying validate domain

My issue arise when trying to run the "" an automated script on github. The details issue of my problem is at my github. Need Help on existing HTTP server conversion (on docker-compose) · Issue #122 · wmnnd/nginx-certbot · GitHub

I am stuck for days now, anyone please suggest something for my situation ?

Final Objective: Turn my website into SSL encrypted web

Is this website able to see your http site?

Because the error message says the Let's Encrypt server was not able to reach your http site. Let's Debug will test that in a similar way to Let's Encrypt.

My only suggestion given this info is to make sure your AWS Security Group allows access from the public internet.


Before editing the configuration file, my HTTP website is accessible from any computer / location with internet. But after the configuration it should not work until the SSL token is obtained (as i reroute http connection > https)

But really, i am not too sure what is going on, i am so new to web dev and deployment, this is my first time trying out stuff like this.

I do not see evidence of that. From your github your error said this:

Detail: Fetching Connection refused

Note the http:// so LE server could not reach your site to even be redirected.

I don't know what you mean by "before editing the config file". Can you try connecting to your site using Let's Debug right now?

If you want people to help the more info we know the better. At least knowing the domain name would help. We cannot use all of our tools when you keep that a secret. There are paid consultants who help if privacy is utmost concern.


It is not accessible now, i turned that server off for now. And even if i start the server right now it will not be accessible because the nginx configuration has changed. It need to be changed for the dockerized certbot to execute....meaning even if i give u my domain name u cant scan / access it at all. Unless i undo the configuration, which the server will be online but at HTTP not HTTPS

Yeah, I do not understand your description. You cannot have HTTPS working without a certificate. Certbot tells Let's Encrypt server to connect to your site with HTTP to satisfy the http challenge.

I guess you will need to hope for a different volunteer or for someone to respond at your github. There is nothing further I can offer.


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