Conflicting Expiry Notices

I’ve uploaded two screenshots (concatenated)- one is the line from the e-mail warning about expiry- the other is the output from the certbot command showing the e-mail is wrong, I guess. Just wondering why I get these incorrect e-mails.

Hi @ayjay_t

You have three active certificates.;include_subdomains:false;

The certificate which ends 2018-08-28:

There is only one name -

But your other certificate has two names - and

So the mail is sent becaus the certificate with the one-element name-set isn't renewed.

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Hey @JuergenAuer, thanks for the help

Using Google to search for the certificates is a good idea!

I was under the impression that it was certbot sending me e-mails from my server (maybe using letsencrypt as a relay), but I can see now that it must be another mechanism. I’m guessing we don’t have any control over this or any way to manage this centrally?

The mail comes from Letsencrypt. Every certificate has a set of names. If there is no new certificate with exact the same set of names and if the certificate is only 20 days valide -> the mail is created.

So if someone doesn't change the name set and renews after 60 days -> no mail.


Thanks, I appreciate the insights.

You can unsubscribe from all expiry notices but unfortunately you cannot stop notifications from a particular certificate at this time.

And you'll get like two more notices for this certificate and then they will stop. It won't haunt you forever.

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