Conflict between docker and let encrypt renew script

Currently we use docker to run an nginx server to host our website. In order to renwew the ssl certificate, we setup a script that run following consequence

  • Stop the docker
  • Run the letencrypt renewing script (port 80)
  • Close the port 80 occupying by letencrypt
  • Start the docker again
    We set the script to be called by crontab ( check if the ssl less than 35 days to trigger the script)
    The issue is: the ssl renew successfully but the docker failed to start again ( make the site down).
    Here is a screenshot of the server log

Why are you using the standalone plugin? It shouldn't be too difficult to set up the webroot plugin with Docker.

Also, the nginx installer won't work if nginx is running in Docker and Certbot is not or in a different container.


Thanks! I'll give it a try!


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