Common name error in shared hosting

My hosting is of the shared type.
I have the Let’s Encript certificate installed in my CPanel, but I have a common name error problem.
In Common Name (CN) it is shown how the certification is for * which is my hosting provider.
What am I doing wrong?
My site:

You will probably need to talk to your host (since it’s a shared hosting system). The certificate being used by your site is not the Let’s Encrypt one that you uploaded to cpanel.

Actually I noticed that despite having installed the Let’s Encrypt the same is not displayed in the https of my site.
My host does not give me any other alternative than purchasing a dedicated IP.
But from what I know the Let’s Encrypt also works without dedicated IP.
Thank you!

Hi @mferraz,

Let’s Encrypt certificates will work fine without a dedicated IP address, but unfortunately there’s still nothing we can do if your hosting provider doesn’t support that. It’s the hosting provider’s responsibility, and if they make a policy decision not to allow the use of our certificates, or to require a dedicated IP address, there’s nothing that we (or the customer) can do to override that.

If the hosting provider thinks that a dedicated IP address is technically required, that’s a mistake, and I’m happy to talk to them to explain why it’s not. (Também falo português, caso eles precisarem de uma explicação disso em português.)

But if it’s an intentional policy decision, which seems like the most likely possibility to me, we really can’t force them to change their minds.

Well, thanks for your return.
So I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with implementing Let’s Encrypt.
That being the case, I will contact my host in a friendly attempt to resolve this.
Thank you very much!

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