Woocommerce website hosted by Hostgator isn't supporting letsencrypt without a dedicated IP

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I am getting my website developed by a local developer in Woocommerce platform and the website he is getting hosted by Hosgator.in. Moreover, being on a tight budget I asked him to add the SSL certificates by from Letsencrypt.com but he says that he needs a dedicated IP for that which i believe isn’t true. Please tell me if he is right or he just bluffing me to but a dedicated IP. Currently I am on a shared network, so in my case is this dedicated IP thing compulsory? Please Help!!!
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Server Name Indication (SNI) is a method developed to be able to serve different certificates for different virtualhosts on the same IP address. If Hosgator.in supports SNI, then you don’t need a dedicated IP address. However, if Hosgator.in chose not to use SNI, a dedicated IP address would be mandatory to serve the right certificate.

Osiris is slightly incorrect. We don’t need to worry if Woocommerce supports SNI, we need to worry about the hosting service itself where SNI is handled.

A lot depends on how HostGator has their shared hosting configured. The control panel they use or their server software may not support SSL without a dedicated IP. Additionally, it might be a manual process which you would then need to replace the certificate every 90 days. The best source of information on these things is the hosting company itself.

As some background, old software used to require dedicated IPs for SSL certificates as there was no way to host two different certificates on the same port and IP. Some newer technology called SNI was developed to allow multiple websites to use SSL all with the same IP. Most modern software now supports this technology. However, some hosting providers have lagged behind and either are using older control panel software or older servers that don’t support SNI. That, or they see an opportunity to make more money by charging for using the certificate and thus require a dedicated IP or some other service for which they can charge.

Sorry, don't know how, but I managed to mix up Woocommerce and Hosgator.in!

Here the case is that my developer has created the website using woocommerce but hosting is done by the hostgator.com. Now the scene is that i want to install an ssl from letsencrypt.com but the developer says that dedicated IP is required to install any kind of certificates on their server BUT at the same time i found a hosgator FAQS page where it is clearly said that SIN is included in all the Plans they offer. There are three plans namely the 1)hatchling plan
2)business plan
3) baby plan out of which my website is on hatchling plan but it supports SNI as told by the hostgator.in on a footnote. The hostgator says that we don’t need a dedicated IP for installing any certificates and what we need is just an SNI. Still my developer says that business plan will have to be taken which is quiet costly for installing the certificates. The business plan carries a dedicated IP in itself and hence if SNI is enough then why will i spend more to buy a dedicated IP just for installing SSL?
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It has been discussed here already (also in the thread you have cross-posted to). You should probably double-check relevant support articles, such as:

and a little bit more detailed com versions:

Both mention that you will not be able to install a certificate by yourself and there are fees for installing those for you (unless you are on a VPS/Dedicated). In addition .com version of the document lists restrictions, among which you can find that on the “hatchling” plan you mentioned SSL certificates are not supported at all.

To be honest, considering that you can get VPS for the similar price, sticking with the restricted plans like that doesn’t make much sense.

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